Friday, June 8, 2007

Why run Databases on NFS?

For the people that are new to this concept about Databases on NFS that typically ask why run databases on NFS. Sometime the question is more open minded - Can we really run databases on NFS. To that I have done some work on various platform and as have many many other colleagues at NetApp, Oracle, IBM, Sun, Red Hat and various other open source developers, I wanted to share this presentation that I did jointly with Dianne Flemming of IBM NFS engineering at NAS Conference in 2005. I thought this publicly available presentation would help DBAs and storage administrators out there evaluating this possibility.


Sidra Ashraf said...

I am interested in reading the presentation and pdfs presented in this conference but the links appear to be broken. I need to research on NFS Architecture so that i can understand how to access a NFS source system using ODBC or through DataStage for ETL.
If you can send me those documents or Any other help in this direction, it would be appreciated. Thanks.

- Sanjay Gulabani said...


May I suggest you look over at for oracle Integration related documents with NetApp Storage systems.

With regard to ODBC connectivity and stuff like that deals at a different layer not at db storage layer.

Hope that helps,